PVH Energy Storage


PVH is a Company with extensive experience from solar energy technologies, product engineering and plant construction, but also is a provider of innovative Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries (VRFB) design by highly experienced solar and storage industry professionals. The entire product line was designed to deliver the lowest total cost of installation and industry leading reliability.

PVH Energy Storage (PVS) is being launched first half of 2017. PVH is a company that is part of GRANSOLAR GROUP [GRS], an energy Company with a strong technological base, a solid manufacturing capacity, and the knowledge required to develop complete projects which can provide turnkey energy solutions that fit the needs of a constantly changing environment.

By January 2016, GRS had successfully completed the construction of 85 plants with more than 400MW capacity. It has international footprint in: Spain, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, South Africa, USA, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Pakistan, and Tunisia.

PVH experience in solar PV plants has been the foundation for the development of our in-house EMS where the data collected from multiple PV plants and plant simulations has been used to optimize the charge and discharge control when integrating solar and storage. PVH is alone in the market with an EMS built up around such a foundation of data directly from PV plants.

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Website: http://www.pvhstorage.com/